Monday, 3 October 2016

The leaves are falling...

In Room 8, we have been talking a lot about Fall and all the changes that are happening outside.
Of course one of the most noticeable is the changing leaves! So naturally is seemed like it was time to create some Fall artwork.

After collecting leaves outside as a classroom, the kids got to do leaf rubs using crayons and real leaves!
The results are beautiful!

To follow up with a bit of writing, I challenged the class to write a Fall poem.
First we brainstormed all the words and phrases we could think of to do with Fall.  Then one students had a great idea to put them into themes by using little symbols.
Then each student chose what part fit next into our poem.
I am so proud of these guys for their creativity and independence.  Besides standing up there with the marker, these kids did all the work!
We're going to type it up and put it out on our bulletin board with all our artwork!
Our brainstorm and theme organizing

Finished version!

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