Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our busy October

We have been so busy in Room 8! There have been lots of firsts in October.

We've started dance classes with Mrs. Kaczmarz every Day 5. So far the kids have been learning some warm up moves and a few great dancing games and activities. They are really loving having that extra movement time in our day.

At centres we worked on learning letters through puzzles and creative making stations.  We also learned to play tic-tac-toe and talked about diagonal lines.  The class really loves playing tic-tac-toe now! Play a game at home with your child if you'd like to practice with them more! It's a great strategy game and teaches problem solving and turn taking.

This week our Discover Bins are focused on Halloween activities. So we have...
Fall still life drawing This is great for building fine motor muscles as well as being able to look at an object and copy it onto paper. Some students choose to match the colours and some choose to get creative with it!  After Discovery Bins, the kids have the opportunity to share their creation with the rest of the class in our sharing circle.

Roll and count Spider game  In this activity, students can play on their own or with a partner.  As they roll dice and count the number of dots, they add that many spiders to their web.  The partner with the most spiders wins. The class has taken this activity and evolved it into rolling dice and using the spiders to create that number shape. This teaches turn taking, subitizing, and number identification

We also have letter sound matches and puzzles which are great fine motor work as well.

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