Friday, 17 February 2017

Valentine's Day fun

Some fun snapshots from our Valentine's Day party!
We made patterned heart crowns with Ms. Janz

We played Valentine math and letter games during Discovery time. 

We created Valentine envelopes to collect our Valentine cards in. Their mission was to make an envelope with one opening and it had to be big enough to hold all their Valentine cards. Students had to decide what materials they needed before they started. And then could add and change materials as they built if they noticed one idea wasn't working so great. The decorating was fun too! So much glitter!

And of course we passed out Valentine cards and ate some tasty treats! Thank you to all the parents who contributed some food items to our party!









Our Literacy Coach Mrs. A has been visiting!

Mrs. A came in to read a silly story to us about Stanley the dog who throws a party when his people are away and his friends help him eat all kinds of tasty food!
Then we worked together to make a list of all the foods we could think of for each food group. 

And finally we got to create a fridge of our own with all kinds of tasty treats inside!
During this activity we got to practice all kinds of skills like writing our names, cutting and gluing, and writing out new food words we learned how to spell. 




Monday, 23 January 2017

Letter formation practice and drawing of course!

We have been using our new dry erase writing boards to practice our correct letter formation. Students have been focusing on how to create beautiful S and M letter shapes. 
We also practice drawing things that start with that letter. Here someone is drawing a picture of a friend who's name starts with the letter S. 




Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Back at it!

I hope everyone had a good rest over the holidays. We here in Room 8 have jumped right back into learning!

We've been busy with writing centres, numeracy games and started learning to sketch new things. 

We've been catching up with friends

Finding creative ways to stay busy and active during indoor recesses.

Learning to sketch cats with more details

Learning about the 'at' family while practicing our letter sounds and formations. 

Practicing our letters