Tuesday, 26 September 2017

We welcome Ms. Math to Room 8!

Last week we welcomed someone new into our classroom! Ms. Math (also known as Ms. Quinn-LaFleche) came in to explore some new math concepts with us! For our first lesson with Ms. Math, we looked at a new tool called a rekenrek. It has two long lines with 10 beads on each one (5 red and 5 white). Ms. Math taught us that we can use this tool to figure out how many beads are left on a line after we take some away. Such as if there are 10 red and white all together, how many are left if I cover only the red ones. Many students counted and realized the answer was 5 white beads.
We will continue to use this tool in class to practice counting and breaking down larger numbers into smaller groups.
Ms. Math showing us a rekenrek on the smartboard and one that we can use in class without technology.
After a great lesson with the rekenrek, Ms. Math taught us a new movement game using a big foam dice! We rolled it to see what dice pattern came up, identified the number, and then came up with a fun action to do that many times. Everything from spinning and jumping to clapping and waving! A great way to practice our numeracy skills and get in some activity.

Wave your hands in the air 5 times!

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