Monday, 3 October 2016

So far in Kindergarten....

We have really settled into our new classroom and new routines over the past month. The students have been learning to work together and problem solving techniques. We have also been working on our daily learning activities like letter and number identification, counting, the calendar, writing and reading.

We have also been joining our grade 2/3 friends in Miss Long's classroom to collaborate on some fun outdoor activities and even indoor ones like Reading Buddies.

Here are some fun snapshots of last week

We went outside with Room 11 to do some letter writing practice using whatever we could find around the playground. The kids were very creative with finding different ways to write with their surroundings. We saw everything from sand and rocks, to tires and grass. It was definitely a fun way to practice our letter shapes!

At our morning Discovery Bins, the students have a chance to use their imaginations with whatever supplies have been provided. Every week, new bins are set out on the tables with a variety of different objects or activities in them.  There is always a main goal in mind such as counting, making patterns, writing, or problem solving. But the students are welcome to get creative with them as well in order to further explore different concepts.

At this centre, the goal was to create a structure with a given number of building materials. It turned into an amazing conversation about balance and how to problem solve to improve their structure. Matteo and David are talking about how to make it taller without it falling over and Amber was seeing how many pieces she could balance on top of such a shaky base.

We've also had a few Library classes with Ms. Janzen. We get to listen to a story and then pick our own books to take home for the week!

Some more students presented their All about me bags. Amazing listeners in this room!

We've been writing in our journals and practicing counting on our magnet boards.

Our Room 11 Reading Buddies came to hang out with us last week! For one period, Kinder students have the chance to either read to or be read to by a Grade 2 or Grade 3 student. This is also a great opportunity to explore the books in both classrooms.

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