Thursday, 15 September 2016

The week so far...

Well this first week has really been a blast!  The kids are learning our daily routines and how important it is to work as a team to build our classroom community to be strong and positive! We've been having fun learning to use the smart board, still discovering new toys in the classroom, and beginning to get to work learning to print our names nicely and neatly.
It's been busy days in Room 8 but a lot of learning has already taken place and I'm so proud of everyone for always trying their best and helping to make this classroom amazing! Great work team!

Here's some fun highlights from our week so far.

Play is such an important part of learning for young children. In Kindergarten we make time for creative play so that the students have the opportunity to build those oh so important social skills. Resolving conflicts, sharing, and turn taking are only some of the skills practiced during creative play-based learning.

Also we have been really enjoying our beautiful recess weather!
"We love the play structure!!" - Everyone in Room 8
"I love to play in the sand." - Daphne
"I like the monkey bars." - Amber
"I like to climb the ladders and slide down the poles" - Tyler

We had our first gym classes this week with Mrs. Havixbeck, Miss Long, and Mrs. Lowe!
"We were pretending to be little seeds." - Holden
"And then the rain would come and we would grow into big trees!!" - Justin

Even when we don't have gym we keep active in the classroom by dancing and moving. We have been learning to do yoga with Maximo on GoNoodle in the afternoons!  It's not only a great little movement break, but it helps to get us ready for the next activity or relax at the end of a long day.

We started learning to print our names by finding the right letters to spell them out with magnet letters. Then we practiced writing them on whiteboards. And finally after lots of practice we started writing our names in our Everyday Writing books.

We can't believe the first week is already almost over! It went by so fast. But we look forward to all the adventures we'll be having next week in Room 8! Stay tuned!

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